Tattoo Artist Perspective --- Give --- Not to Receive
By Nancey Collette
Published on 12/5/2009
Give from your Heart - TRULY -

Do you truly give from your heart or do you give in order to receive or do you give because thats the right thing to do. I read so many articles that in order to 'get' you have to give. I humbly disagree. Give from your heart, when your heart tells you to, and expect nothing back.  When most people give there are expectations with that gift. Lets say you gave money.  Most would expect many thank yous or you would expect it to be used in a certain way. What if they squandered it, would you be upset. When you give from your heart, it leaves your hands into theirs, thats where it should stop. It should not matter what they do with it.  Give from your heart!