Mastectomy & Para-Medical Tattooing
By Nancey Collette
Published on 09/7/2009
Thru advanced para-medical tattooing.........

Men and Women, Your in the middle of life, doing fine, you go for your yearly check-up and two weeks later = WHOA = your in the hospital having a mastectomy.  Talk about your life being turned up-side down! get thru it, you have now had re-construction surgery.  Looks good - with your shirt on, take your shirt off and what do you see = scars.  You are so thankful to have had this surgery, It saved your life.  But there is that little part in you that looks in the mirror, sees the scars, and you almost feel that "it" is not gone or not healed.  Thru advanced para-medical tattooing and life coaching, I can help  amend physcial and emotional scarring. If you didn't like the areola you had previously, now you can design / create exactly what you want.  This type of tattooing goes far beyond just the tattooing process / procedure. Self-confidence, self-esteem can help be restored with life coaching.  Doctor's are wonderful and needed, without them I would not be walking today (and yes, I have scars).  But I would be willing to bet that less than a tiny percentage of them are tattoo artist.  I am here to help you.
'People' in this world is what makes a difference. Help an individual to make a difference in themselves and they will make a difference in the lives of others and the world.