I am probably like most folks. Buy a lottery ticket once in a while. Never expecting to win. I used to
go with Dad to the race track and only some of the
time would his horse come in first....gambling is just that way...

When Dad was alive he told me a story I have not forgotten. It was about a man who worked in a large department store. He earned an average wage, owned his own home, had a few investments, travelled a little. You would have to
describe him as a hard working man.

But times can change very quickly...for anyone..
and for this man, the times certainly changed when
he made the determination to go to Las Vegas and stay there until he won a substantial amount of money.

Sadly, he returned broker than broke. He could not make his mortgage payments, lost his home, his wife left, the kids scorned him and his place of employment cast him out because of all the collectors calling. Life had hit bottom.

This poor gent began drinking and would be seen
looking for used cigarette stubs and bottles and just
about anything he could drag away and sell.

The drinking continued and the man died. Poor
and without friends. Buried in a corner of cemetery
reserved for folks like this.

Again, a sad lesson for those who think gambling is going to change their lives...fact is...it might...and not always for the better...