What would your life be like if you were able to meet every challenge- both external and internal- with inner peace and complete trust and confidence in yourself?
How would you feel if you could call forth the exact spiritual strength, fresh attitude or constructive behavior you needed to stay positive and creative in even the most difficult situations?
I can sincerely tell you that everything you need to live in this joyful, empowered way is already part of you. And if you will allow me I will show you how - with a simple yet profound practice- to achieve this way of being!
There is an unlimited source of strength within that will never fail you. You can call upon it for fresh energy and unerring guidance whenever you need. From time immemorial humanity has called this sacred Inner Power the soul.
Your soul is the core of yourself. It is YOU, the essence of your unique being. Your soul/Inner Power is truly a spiritual genius that knows how to heal you and set you free.
No matter how deep your pain- your soul knows how to heal it. No matter how lost or frightened you may feel- your Inner Power knows the way forward. Whenever you are "stuck" your soul has what you need to get you flowing and taking positive action.
Through the ages people have learned to still their thinking and open their bodies to listen to the voice of their soul. As a psychotherapist who works with the body-mind-spirit as a unified whole, I see every day how people's disconnection from their bodies and emotions makes it harder to hear their soul. The emotional stress stored in our bodies- anger and sadness, fear, guilt and shame- is a kind of "static" that stops us from recognizing that "still, small voice".
So here is some unconventional wisdom: the more you release your pain and connect to your body the closer you get to your soul. We need to "wash the windows" of our body and mind to let the light of our souls shine through!
Wherever you are on the path to being grounded in your body and emotionally free and healed the practice I am about to describe will always connect you to the strength and wisdom of your soul.
Think of your soul as a warehouse of all your spiritual strengths, talents and abilities. It belongs to you because it IS you! To call forth from your soul the powers and solutions you need to meet every challenge with inner peace and creativity, learn to use this simple but profound technique.

1. Take a few quiet minutes to slow down and connect to yourself. Whether you are sitting or standing, center yourself by feeling your feet on the ground and taking a few easy breaths. Let your body "sag" as you let each breath out, allowing physical tension to drain from you.
2. Next re-affirm this beautiful truth in your heart- your soul surely knows what you need to do, and has the strengths and solutions to enable you to do it!
3. Next consider the situation you are facing. What inner strengths, or new attitude, will help you meet that challenge creatively?
For example: Do you need more confidence... more faith... more love ... more perseverance... physical energy ... clarity ... calmness ... patience ... new ideas ... an attitude shift ..?
4. See, as clearly and precisely as you can, the attitude shift/inner strengths etc. you need right now to feel better, act creatively and move forward.
5. Now "put in your order" to your storehouse of wisdom and strength - your soul/Inner Power. Remember, this is a part of you, so you are not "asking" or praying for what you need - you are demanding it's delivery!
6. Say it like this: "Send me what I need to deal with ___ wisely and effectively. Send me these strengths....." and list them one-by-one.
7. Now let go and trust that what you have sent for is already flowing into you. The more you let go and trust, the more quickly and completely your strengths arrive and go into operation.

You will notice that you feel better right away (even if the improvement in how you feel is subtle, it will always be present ....) When you are the most worried/confused/uptight in your body and feelings, stop and repeat this process a number of times through the day. The more frequent the repetition, the faster and more completely your "order" will flow in and fill you with the strengths and attitude you need.
In the hours and days after using this practice, you will frequently notice that you are indeed acting with an enhanced version of the very strengths and positive changes that you called for. In my own experience, I often stop with a sense of astonishment and say to myself- "I really AM feeling more faith/seeing more clearly/adopting a better attitude etc. IT WORKS!"
I guarantee that if you use this practice regularly, you will find that the strength, wisdom and solutions to your challenges that you call for will flow to you from your core more and more easily and completely.
My friends, always believe in life, believe in love and believe in YOU. And keep reaching for your soul, it knows the way..... without a doubt! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN