I think it was another blogger (Old Soul) who commented on one of my recent blogs about Gambling and made the statement: Guess you don't
have any bad habits....?

Well, I could confess to a few. And yes, our neighbor of times past was observant. I cast an eye over the fence, as most guys would do at the sight of a bikini. Just something about that little outfit...
ah...best leave that subject alone...

Anyhow, blogger Old Soul is correct. We all have
our habits and get into a little mischief during our
years and the years go by. And we get older and hopefully wiser...but no point on spending a lot of time worrying about some of the little things we could have done differently. Point is, that is being human. That is being who we are. And guys have
to cast a friendly gaze and so do girls.  Its a two way street dear friends.  And no harm there.

An old timer commented one time. Just look. No touch. And guess that says it all.

Now, where did I put those darn sunglasses....??