Take careful note. You wait you lose. Plain and simple. I agree 100 percent with David Ramsay, the NWT's Minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment...when he made the statement about finding a balance between development and the environment. Do nothing and get nothing. Take a chance and the young people will have jobs. Mr.
Ramsay went on to say" Our suicide rates are probably as high as they have ever been....if you don't have hope for the younger generation they despair."

I applaud you Mr. Ramsay and hope the aborignal leaders look at the benefits vs the risks. And find
that balance....to give the young...hope.

The old saying about being careful what you wish for could also apply to those that are so dead-set
against the oil industry that they will do anything to delay what could be an industry that provides the young people with jobs...and the north certainly could use employment. Its one thing to protest against something...its worse when the protest results in a loss of  something that might have been...