Those die-hard fans of that famous long running television series called Coronation Street...get to wrestle with many and varied degrees of matrimonial bliss or lack of it... Is it okay for Peter to love LeAnn and at the same time have Carla as his mate (friend). Is that okay, really, is that okay and proper and good and decent? How many men and women have sought an answer to that bothersome question? Now, shall we: 1) ask Ann Landers or Doctor Laura? 2) Should we remember that if you love someone you must set them free? 3)Shall we stay married for life, in accordance with the vows of marriage, for better or worse till death do us part? Well, maybe we just need to stay tuned to Coronation Street for the answers to the above questions. Or maybe we should join an on-line discreet dating club like Ashley Madison or some swingers clubs that welcome married folk for a little extra-curricular activity if you know what I mean? Or maybe we should just be old fashioned and try to understand the real meaning of marriage...and remind ourselves that Lo: The grass is not always greener on the other side...?