I guess its bound to happen...with the election just days away there is plenty of mud-slinging going on
up here in redneck Alberta. For example,an anti-gay Pastor associated with the newly formed Wildrose Party (according to an article in the Edmonton Journal written by Paula Simons) is taking a stand, critical of the Public School Board,
as being godless and wicked. Further in Simons article, she writes....The Pastor sees homosexuality
as Satans Trap...and that Homosexuals who don't change will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire...

Well, get the picture. This is some of the rhetoric
we are getting. And amazingly the 42 year old leader of the Wildrose Party, Danielle Smith, simply shrugs off the whole matter...saying that
her party would not legislate on contentious and social issues. Hmm.

An election of fire and brimstone indeed. Just remember, whether you, dear reader - happen to be straight or gay or somewhere in between, we need to show some tolerance for our brothers and sisters. Some of the gay community for example are very successful people in politics, law, medicine, art,music, etc.

Well, anyhow, it all sounds more and more like the wild west, and it shall no doubt get more nasty as we close in on the big election day.

No doubt the Conservative Party, quietly going about business in this election - will get a few votes
after hearing what the Pastor in The Wildrose Party had to say. And then, the NDP Party, that is the New Democratic Party with Brian Mason at the helm, who tells us - he is proud to have candidates from the gay and lesbian,bi-sexual and transgender types in his party.......

Wow, Alberta has changed. And with the winds of change Albertans will decide the way of the future, who to support, what issues need attention, whether health or education or other issues and there are many...I spoke with a member of the small Alberta Party who just dumped some 5000
leaflets for his party...and they may get 3% of the votes...

Yes, we have a communist looking for votes, and plenty of rednecks and more and more we appear to be in the shadow of some American city, somewhere...

Welcome to Alberta 2012. And remember dear
politicians, that perhaps you had best shape up or ship out....because that is what you are going to have to do...just depends what comes out, when you open your mouth.....

Happy election everyone!!