The Americanization of our political system is certainly happening, just as Brian Mason of the
New Democrat Party - referred - that the Wildrose Party seems to embrace citizen-initiated referendums...

 Its long been the case of oil and gas
execs coming over here with buy-outs of small
producers in the oilpatch, and investing heavily in
the Ft.McMurray region.
And without the imput of Obama-bucks, perhaps
a lot of projects would be at a standstill. So we got to give credit where credit is due.

Now, where eduction and health issues come into play, there have been Canadians going across the border or in some cases Americans crossing the border into Canada to deal with health issues!?

And if you look at cross-border trading and all the fine products we have coming north from Florida and California...we have long crossed into the
American system perhaps without even realizing it.

There is a good chance that the U.S. looks at our health care and education programs with great you know of anyone in Canada having to pay thousands for a simple operation? Well, there are some scary stories coming from south of the border...

Ironic, it was Raj Sherman of the Alberta Liberal Party who tossed in the interesting comment...that
"we canot tie our health system and education system to the price of a barrel of oil.."

And sadly, some of our young people are moving north to drive a truck or work in high wage positions within the oil patch instead of completing their hopefully the politicians are watching this scenario very carefully.

Its one thing to be an oil rich Province, and that we are but another matter to focus too much on the energy sector which can hit and miss from time to time, resulting in a slow-down or a massive layoff...
and hopefully we shall not get too many flip-flop
remarks by leaders we respect- and expect to do better...and these kinds of things really catch the ire of the common working man....

But hey, its election time...we expect a ton of promises that...someone...will not keep...

Ok, lets hear it from all the parties...does anyone
intend to push for privatization, within health care
or education? Just remember, that answer could cost you - in the coming election!!