It has been a tradition, a passing of the torch, and we need this to continue here in Alberta. There is only one choice and that is this little cutie, Allison Redford....who happens to be smart, let us make that intelligent, resourceful, a good planner, a hard worker and someone ready to be an honest and
reliable leader. Someone we can count on!! Why?
Well...just consider a place where the economy is ready to surge and move into high gear, the need to have someone make those decisions that involve
health, education, fiscal management, the whole package. That is simply Allison. And it has got to be a majority give her the power to stay for awhile and every day in every way,to be
taking care of business.

Now, I said in an earlier blog I was not getting into
politics and really I am staying out of the business of politics, but nonetheless as an Albertan offering an opinion because I have thought about this beautiful province, have travelled by truck and airplane back and forth, east to west and north to south, to the point...ah...I should have considered politics...but no, not quite my field... Nonetheless we need someone at the top. And if you do your due diligence, you will find that there is only one choice at election time:Allison Redford!

Now, for a  cowboy who usually doesn't say a whole lot about politics, I guess I sort of stumbled into the political arena...just long enough to tell everyone to vote, because we need to do that. And secondly, we need someone capable of a job that is highly selective. And someone who can keep us
Albertans happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. And as I said, that would be Ms. Redford. My favorite!!
There, don't say I didn't offer you some useful take it, and you shall not regret it!!!
You got it right here, in this blog....

And for readers who live far from Alberta, come down for a visit to this beautiful place, where we still have a mix of oil and farmland, city and small towns where some of the best coffee is served daily with a smile.  And where our parkland and mountains leave you wanting to come back again.

And the place where people like Allison Redford
understand the need to remember the past and at the same time, look to the future....because we are
building the future each day together, here in  Alberta...

Advice I would give Allison: Well, just lighten up a little, don't worry about any pesky critters looking over your shoulder (we call that the opposition) and keep close contact with the rural folks, because these are truly the ones that make the final decision...and yes, step into a pair of comfy jeans
and don't be afraid to sing a few lines of a country tune, because so much of this Province is all about
country music and the country way of life...thats about have the rest of the situation under control, including that shy and cute smile...we need you Allison!! Oh, and we could use that city centre airport, more tracks for city transit and definitely a proper museum so visitors know what this beautiful place called Alberta is all about...guess thats it!!
Oh, and make that a majority Government, because you can pull it off Allison. We are counting on you!! If its about the power of change, which it is,
then the direction of change is moving safely into the future, with a rock solid leader and with the knowledge that voters anywhere, anyplace, anytime are the ones that truly create change....
so in essence, its up to the people to decide
what is best...who is best...and to understand the
reasons for making our decisions....