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Blog posts of stories that inspire us to do good, to live better, or to help us realize what life is really about will be posted here. Or, blog posts of your personal stories that may inspire others to do good of their own.
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The world is hungering, thirsting and dying.... for authenticity! For the liberating vibration- the soul music- of your fearless self-expression. Everyone wants to let go and BE THEMSELVES. More than anything else we desire, we desire that!


Just like a sacred newborn child, you are a unique masterpiece- fully worthy, fully valid, fully lovable. And just like that precious miracle you do not need to change who you are or become a "better person". Let go of all that self-doubt and celebrate your amazing beauty and total rightness. And live your life from the daily happiness that Unconditional Self-Love naturally creates.
Because being alive naturally feels wonderful when our energy is flowing free and we are no longer carrying/struggling against a burden of pain.
Deep in your body and soul is a Loving Mother, a beautiful piece of your core self. She sees your sorrow and feels it with you. Your Inner Mother will never leave you and will hold you until all the pain is gone.


Many of us who love music still crank up the truly great and catchy song, WHO DO YOU LOVE...... Bo Diddley 1928 - 2008) Rest in Peace...
Becoming spiritual and enlightened isn't about becoming perfect, it is about coming into yourself. It is about feeling and seeing your humanness and accepting it, therefore giving yourself the ability to accept it in someone else. When this happens your whole world starts to look and feel different.
Yes it was exciting to hear Kole Schmidt doing a song or two on two of the live365 radio stations....and especially knowing that half the profits would go to charity...

Jesus is a Biker Man

The above title, Jesus is a biker man, is from a song by Canadian singer-songwriter, Carson Cole. And you can go to YouTube, listen and enjoy Carson performing this tune....
There are many things we are unaware of that are stored in our unconscious. Many of them come into play in our every day lives without our knowledge.

About Personalities

That’s just their Personality


January 26, 2010 not that long ago when Ronnie Hawkins recorded a video (yes its on YouTube) RONNIE HAWKINS -Who do you love (Live on Lake Minnetonka) you cannot help but feel the pulse of the music and greatness of Ronnie Hawkins, and having met Ronnie many years ago and keeping in touch from time to time, indeed a Legend...


I am happy to be on a mailing list - and receive In Touch Magazine.
How many times in your life have you cut and run from relationships or situations that made you uncomfortable? How many times have you blamed someone else for how you feel? We should be grateful for these situations, but yet we do everything we can to avoid them and get away from them as quickly as we can.


CANADIANS STILL SHINE in the world of music as far as I'm concerned......


HOWL AT THE MOON is the latest album from west coast blues singer-songwriter, Mr. John Pippus. Would I recommend you buy this? Absolutely! 8 stars our of 10.


Almost everyone blames themselves for the loneliness they carry. This sad and tragic lie must be dispelled by the light of love and truth! When our aloneness has lasted a long time we come to doubt our own worth and lovableness, believing that somehow a flaw in ourselves has led to our pain. And this unfair and undeserved self-doubt only adds to the sense of isolation. But what if the actual truth is this- that we are now and always have been completely and totally lovable! Where, then, did our loneliness and unfulfilled longing for love begin?


It seems we grew up with small grocery stores and the only drug store I seem to recall was REXALL....
Imagine you had a dream where you turned on your television and lo and behold it was yourself - now that would be some surprise!!??
Bob Ruzicka,Canadian Singer Songwriter started off in the little town of Thorsby, Alberta, moved to Edmonton, and went on to write songs for Anne Murray, Valdy and many others....


And yes, dear reader, your pet has much to teach you - if only you will listen, with your heart and soul...
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