No doubt in my mind that some of the movers and shakers in the United States - especially those who work in radio - truly have a big heart. For example, here it is another snowy night up in Canada but meantime down in San Diego, California, DJ Fawn Caldwell who hosts one of the live365 radio stations, in this case Always hard-on Rock Radio - was not only getting ready to play one of the Kole Schmidt songs or one of the Kitsco-Schmidt, co-written songs, but taking time to send an email, or two or three or even four emails to let us know the song was just about to go on air, keeping in mind the time difference between California and Alberta. And what a sweetheart indeed. Fawn plays a variety of singer-songwriter material, not all heavy rock, lots of ballads as well and here is the music of Canadian Songwriters Kitsco-Schmidt being played right next to such illuminaries as John Lennon, David Bowie, Aerosmith and others. What a great way to spend an evening, but listening to a song that actually made it to an American Station. And both songs, Mississippi Woman, with a California Heart co-written by Kitsco-Schmidt as well as Like A Striptease will be getting more airplay through the week in not only California but also Nora shall play these songs in Bridgewater, Maine on East Coast Songwriters Radio. Its wonderful for singer-songwriters to have this opportunity. And considering that according to Wikipedia, some 57 million folks world wide are tuned-in weekly to these stations. Last but not least if you click on: www.reverbnation/koleschmidt you discover that half the profits from these songs are going to World Vision, and hopefully more artists will create and offer music to the world, at the same time helping the world. And how cool is that. So thankyou Fawn Caldwell in California. Thankyou Nora in Bridgewater, Maine and thankyou all the listeners who take the time to tune into these singer/songwriter music radio stations who give singer-songwriters such a great opportunity to be heard. And stay tuned to more songs from kitsco-schmidt. Remember, music is fun and when it stops being fun, its time to quit.That is pretty much the key to all singer songwriters. But also, when you listen to all the great talent out there, and so much of what you hear on these internet radio stations - you realize the music industry is alive and well....thankyou radio 365live!!