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Blog posts of stories that inspire us to do good, to live better, or to help us realize what life is really about will be posted here. Or, blog posts of your personal stories that may inspire others to do good of their own.
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Jerry Reed died of complications from Emphysema about 4 years ago, he will always be, that GUITAR MAN!!

Think you may be a Victim?

It’s hard to admit that you may be a victim especially when you work so hard at doing the right things and being a good person.
Perhaps we are fast emerging as Nashville North, with the incredible talent in the city and rural regions of Alberta....

Robert DeNiro

Funny how one discovers an actor from their movies, as you discover an artist from his/her paintings and a writer from books written...

Spinal Breathing Part Three

Remember this is a cumulative meditation and it could take months or even years before the full affects of it are achieved.

Spinal Breathing Part Two

If you read the first blog on spinal breathing and have been practicing it for a few weeks it is now time to add to the practice.
Samyama is a gentle process that reduces resistance therefore increasing your ability to manifest. Sometimes wanting something really bad can have the opposite results you are hoping for.
Hello, my name is Andy and this is my video.. indeed, if you have never seen Jim Carrey's movie Man on the Moon, about the life of the late and great Andy Kaufman, you should really see it...

Clinging to Life

Many of us spend much of our time clinging to life. Even those of us who believe life is eternal still can’t get beyond the idea that we must do something to preserve or prolong it. What if our own end was already decided?

Spinal Breathing Part One

If you would like a meditation practice that takes only 5 minutes twice a day that can open your awareness to higher level then spinal breathing may be for you.


Blessed are they who love themselves- for they shall love others and be loved in return. Blessed are they who believe in themselves- for their faith shall make them whole. Blessed are they who see their own beauty- for they will be happy.


Amazing how sometimes we settle into a neighborhood and it takes years to get know the neighbors....
Breath work can be a powerful tool for learning more about yourself and be a great way to relax into a calmer way of being.

Don’t Take it Personally

Do you ever find yourself offended, hurt, and angered by other peoples behavior? Sometimes it is directed at us so how can we not? Sometimes the self that we choose to express ourselves is so dominant that we suppress it’s opposite.
I shall be getting together with some well known and some not so well known singer-songwriters this more kick at the cat as they say...

Suppression is NOT Healthy

here is nothing more harmful to you body than suppressing your emotions and there is another way.
Born in 1941, Joan Baez continues to be recognized as one of the finest folksingers in the world.....

Sophie Leigh

What is it about this newborn baby that has me falling helplessly in love? I ponder this as I hold my newborn granddaughter...
Through the breath we can wash away all our feelings of inadequacy and lack of power. When you feel your spirit with in your body you are able to realize how much more you are than what you had thought. It was a very empowering and life changing experience, to be introduced to yourself as spirit.
Gosh, it seems a long time ago when my wife and I stayed at the Hilton in Vegas, very same hotel that Elvis kept a suite....
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