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Blog posts of stories that inspire us to do good, to live better, or to help us realize what life is really about will be posted here. Or, blog posts of your personal stories that may inspire others to do good of their own.
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When is Enough, Enough?

We all have things in our lives that keep coming up over and over. Some of them or I should say most of them are tied to our past. That being said, “When is enough enough?”
I recently had an insight shared with me that I found very shocking. If we were to make a list of people in our lives we would find that there are 3 or 4 who we are in relationship with who really don’t want the best for us. They can even be people we consider close, a parent, a sister, a life long friend, who we are forced to interact with on a regular basis.
I find it sadly amusing when a sibling comments to his or her parents that they did not not know or thought they did not know something.... perhaps we really don't know a great deal about our parents and often find out after they are gone.


Here is a young prairie band that I predict is going to turn heads and win awards with their latest CD called HOLLOW PONDS. The band is: 100 Mile House!!

What Menopause Means for us

As the droplets of sweat run down your back don’t sweat it, just let it be as it is another chapter in the life of being a woman.

Giving and Receiving

The delicate mix of giving and receiving can be a determining factor of monetary flow for both the giver and the receiver.


Growing up I recall at least one or two large Irish families and have always admired the culture, country and people of Ireland...
Any parent knows that there is a fine line between doing the best for your adult child and imposing our own will upon them. Have you ever felt that you could see a wreck coming and wanted to desperately deflect it with some unsolicited advice?

People Who Wear Armor

Have you ever met anyone who seems to wear and suit of armor around themselves? They have a swagger to their walk and appear to be tough. Underneath this shell is a soft, damaged, human being.

Something You Should Know

Once you have this information there is no end to the changes you can make within yourself.

Looking for Love

Surprising how often I heard how people have it all, well almost- now, if only they could find someone to share it with?!

*Cane and Able*

the pain is always there ~

~What about the *Food Trucks* ?

can you imagine *a fried dill pickle* ?

Understanding Your Chakras

Each one of the chakras stores and holds the knowledge and wisdom of every life we have ever lived. Some are open and spin free of trauma and damage, where others are closed, shut down, and clogged with residue that only we ourselves can aid in removing.

Experiencing My Own Birth

Did you know it is possible to recall and experience your own birth? It can reveal some very important information to you about yourself and how you live your life.
Why would anyone anywhere want to hurt a hungry little girl who would later die from the beatings. Her crime: To bring two kernels of corn to school, to make it through the day.....a sweet, hungry little child...

Are You Living Your Truth?

Sometimes the truth is a real shocker, and other times it comes as no surprise at all. We may think we are hiding well, but there is a sadness in someone who isn’t living their truth.
When a release comes there will be sobbing, tears, and emotions that are way beyond what you can imagine feeling. There is a sense, an awareness, a knowing, that something has been released from deep inside of you.

Pain The Motivator

The intensity to which you feel is the motivator to propel you ahead into what is next for you. Nothing makes you try to advance your soul more than when you are uncomfortable. Whether it be physical pain, emotional pain, or mental pain, you are not going to go very long without searching for a new way to make yourself feel better.

Put Your Name On It!

One of the hardest things about starting a business or expressing our gifts is exposing ourselves to those who know us. Why is this? Shouldn’t we be most comfortable with those who know us and love us? Yet, they are the ones we are most afraid of and do our best to hide our true selves from.
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