Living your truth can be a lot harder than it sounds. Everyone around you can think you are living your truth and really you are the only one who knows if you are or not. Are you living yours? What is your truth? Do you even know? Why do we stop living it? These are all questions we have to ask ourselves and sometimes the answers can be hard to accept. What if living your truth means upsetting everyone else’s? People rely on you to be that person that you have portrayed yourself to be for them. It can be devastating when suddenly the people you are closest to find out that you have been pretending all along. You have these feelings, these interests, these ideas, but you keep them all locked inside of you, so that you can remain in hiding. It is almost like you are afraid, ashamed, and don’t deserve to be free. Everyone deserves to be free, everyone deserves to be an open and honest expression of who they are. Sometimes the truth is a real shocker, and other times it comes as no surprise at all. We may think we are hiding well, but there is a sadness in someone who isn’t living their truth. Often times these people are good people who have put their own happiness aside and spend their lives supporting and encouraging others to be the most that they can be. They stay in marriages, jobs, and friendships, out of being conditioned that it is more important to be a model citizen, then it is to be who you came here to be. If we only knew that we could affect lives of so many more in a positive way if we could live in our truth. It is through freedom of expression of that truth that we surprise even ourselves with our creative potential. All of this hidden away, covered up, by the little voice in our heads, that we have to be liked and accepted at all costs. Living in your truth can happen at any stage of your life. There comes a time when it is intolerable to not be who you are for one more day. Suddenly you realize that the people you are trying to hide from the most are the people you least like spending time with. Take the challenge and stop pretending and see what happens. When you have an opinion respectfully voice it, when you have a need ask for it, and stop letting others be your excuse for hiding. The reason those people are a part of your life to begin with is to show you how fearful you are of being who you are. Once you do it you will feel both a strength and peace inside yourself that you have never known. Just as you have admired others who have lived their truth you will now admire yourself as you live yours. You will move through your life not in a way that pleases everyone else, but in a way that allows you to feel like the free, unique person, you were meant to be.