We all have things in our lives that keep coming up over and over. Some of them or I should say most of them are tied to our past. That being said, “When is enough enough?” At some point we have decide to quit wallowing in the past. Whether it is forgiving someone or just deciding what is, is what is. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, I can tell you first hand it isn’t. These old trauma, hurts, disappointments, and betrayals, are lodged tightly in our reactive minds. Just when we think we are over them something trips us off and there they are again showing themselves in a melt down of tears or anger depending on the situation. Being happy is a decision just like being unhappy is a decision and you get to decide. You have to value happiness more than self pity, being right, and falling into a victim role. It’s much easier to feel justified, it is much easier to feel sorry for yourself, and it certainly feels good to be right, but those are all short lived emotions that will continue to hold you in your role of being a victim. Unfortunately in that role there are many things that can come to you that you won’t like or want. We are meant to become stronger, better people, and to rise above our adversities. For us to do this we have to accept our part in the things that come to us in our lives. We can’t blame other people or circumstances for the things we are creating. Nothing would be in your life unless you had done something somewhere along the line to attract it. There is much in this world we don’t understand, but one thing seems to be for sure and that is that there are patterns in peoples lives that continue to replay repeatedly. Take a look at your own life and see what seems to be a pattern for you. Make some changes in your thinking surrounding those situations. Acknowledge that it is possible that you yourself were similar to the person who is causing you harm or trouble in this life. There is no way you could recognize bad behavior unless you had behaved badly yourself. The only way we really know the feeling of something is to have felt it at some point ourselves. Tough to swallow I know, but there is truth behind it. Make a decision to be happy in your life. Don’t use someone else or some situation to be your excuse to not be happy. When you do this surprisingly enough only happy people will begin to appear in your life. Those people who were “making you unhappy”, will just mysteriously not exist anymore. It will be clear to you that your happiness was being determined solely by you and no one else.