Are you going through menopause right now and wondering what this challenging process is all about? What is it that a women must go through next? First we bear children, then we have to let go of being a mother, and finally we think we have survived and are hit with yet another challenge. I am quite surprised how little menopause is really talked about. There are a variety of symptoms a woman has to deal with. We can feel blue sometimes for the silliest of reasons. There are many physical symptoms, hot flashes, weight gain in the middle, dry hair, wrinkling skin, and an overall feeling of getting older and losing our attractiveness. It doesn’t really feel as though it is the proper reward for a life of well lived. Like any other challenge in life once you survive it you feel stronger for it. You realize that in spite of it all you are able live through it. Another mountain climbed, another experience learned, a wiser woman in the end. It seems we learn the most when we are in the most pain. We look a little deeper, think a little harder, and take things for granted a whole lot less. We get our first look at regret, realizing that there are so many things we would have done different when we were younger. It is the first of many wake up calls that old age is calling, it is coming, and we do need to live life to it’s fullest while we can. There is a sort of letting go, let the rolls hang out, take the walk in the rain, let the sun beat on our already creased faces. There is a freedom that comes in old age like none other. There is no more hiding behind a beautiful body or face, we are who we are for the world to see. Live in the light of truth and free yourself from the mundane should’s that have dominated much of our lives. Say yes to the things you normally would have said no to and say no to the things you normally would have said yes to. We are going to be deemed as crazy anyway so we may as well live up to the reputation that has been given us. Is there any age you really would want to go back to even if you could? Would you give up any of what you have learned and relinquish the person you have become? Have a glass of wine, a square of dark chocolate and go ahead live a little. Take this important time in your life as an opportunity to be more. Value the things that truly matter in life. A sunset, a grandchild, a graying spouse, and the sound of laughter. As the droplets of sweat run down your back don’t sweat it, just let it be as it is another chapter in the life of a woman.