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Blog posts of stories that inspire us to do good, to live better, or to help us realize what life is really about will be posted here. Or, blog posts of your personal stories that may inspire others to do good of their own.
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My Apple Pie

Little things that we most often take for granted~


Xinjiang Jujube on sale
Chinese Museles Herb Wine on sale
Project of Chateau de Beaussais
House at Baoji opposite Qinling Mountain on sale


Новая квартира в Шанхае на продажу 上海の新しいアパートの販売 Nouvel appartement à Shanghai à la vente 새 아파트 상하이에서 판매 Nuevo apartamento en Shanghai en venta شقه جديده في شنغهاي للبيع New Apartment at Shanghai on sale


Application of Part-time International Operator


New Apartment at Shanghai on sale


A small parable


Two years have passed since my last blog. I have much to blog about. I will begin shortly, but first, a thank you to this wonderful blogging community.
Are you struggling with doubt and despair? If so please trust me when I tell you that you are definitely NOT alone! I have walked down the dark paths you are treading and I completely understand what you feel. I swear to you, as one who has "been there" to the "bottom of the bottom", that there IS a way to the other side. Keep reading and I will tell you the hard-earned secret of where your despair really comes from- and how you can be free of it forever!


Here are the words you've been longing to hear your entire life. One single sentence that will change everything- if you can open your heart and believe it.
It takes maximum courage- and love- to stop spanking our kids. Its what we were taught and what so many of us went through ourselves! And it brings up painful feelings to "break the chain" and deal emotionally with what we feel from spanking (often guilt/shame/deep sorrow and regret) and having been hit ourselves (anger/hurt/confusion). People who end the cycle of violence are heroes- plain and simple!
Self-love and total self-acceptance is much more than an abstract philosophy. It changes- for the better- the way you think, feel and act every day. It brings great pleasure to your body, peace to your mind and happiness to your spirit. It is a Way of life and love- that WORKS!
I don't believe that anyone has described, in vivid detail, what I am about to describe to you. And that is the actual bodily and emotional experience of Unconditional Self-Love! I hope that you have as much fun reading this as I have had in writing it. And that what you read inspires and motivates you to open yourself to all the joy and aliveness waiting inside you!
Here is another "spiritually incorrect" truth which- when you completely embrace it- will liberate you to love and believe in yourself completely. Simply expressed, it is this: All of your emotions are completely valid and given to you by Mother Nature for life-affirming reasons. In other words, when we truly grasp what each of our emotions are for- how they are meant to serve us- we wake up and realize that THERE ARE NO "NEGATIVE" EMOTIONS! Therefore you can finally stop feeling guilty, ashamed or afraid of genuine feelings you have that your family, society and religion told you are "wrong".
The new idea of having total tenderness and empathy for yourself- from within- is at the core of the Self-Love revolution. The revelation of Self-Love proclaims for the first time that we can go beyond all of our past conditioning- from our families, our societies, our cultures and our religions- to claim our birthright of happiness by being unconditionally loving Mothers and Fathers to ourselves!


Scream out a mighty and soul liberating "YES" to everything you need to do - to practice, to realize, to feel and embrace and release- to completely BE YOURSELF AND BE FREE!
"Transference" is the term used to describe how what we experienced with Mom and Dad gets triggered and relived over and over again as we go through life. For example, we may be furious or humiliated at a remark made by a colleague or friend- never realizing that most of the emotional intensity we feel is fueled from the unhealed humiliations we suffered during childhood! Or we may feel betrayed or abandoned by our friend, our lover- or by Life itself. And never realize that things are not quite what they seem, because we are reacting to the events of the present through the distorted "lens" of our past. This is a problem that everybody in the entire world has- and few even know that they do. People have no idea that their lives- and relationships- are being distorted and damaged by their Mom and Dad "buttons".
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