DEAR FRIENDS- Here are the words you've been longing to hear your entire life. One single sentence that will change everything- if you can open your heart and believe it.
 Right here, right now and forever- you are already worthy.
And more than that- you are amazing!
You intrinsically deserve all the love, happiness and  fulfillment life has to offer. This self-affirming attitude is your birthright.
And when you go beyond fear, beyond guilt, beyond shame and beyond doubt you can and will see the uniqueness and perfection of who you ARE.
The all-important thing to realize is that YOU CANNOT EARN YOUR SENSE OF WORTHINESS. No outer achievement or recognition by others will make you feel the blessed certainty of your own "rightness". Ultimately your feeling of self-worth is born from waking up and opening your heart to your own wondrous beauty.
Consider the magnificent vision of a perfect sunset. Or the sublime wholeness and flawlessness of a great painting or symphony. Remember the feeling of awe and love you get when you hold a newborn child in your arms.
Can who and what you are deep inside- the YOU who needs to shine forth- be any less miraculous than these?
It's time to see yourself in a new way, the only true way- through the eyes of self-love. And to realize beyond all doubt that who you ARE- the Real You- is utterly sacred and valid.
And you always have been, beneath the lies and conditioning that told you otherwise. LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN