DEAR FRIENDS- Here is another "spiritually incorrect" truth which- when you completely embrace it- will liberate you to love and believe in yourself completely.
Simply expressed, it is this: All of your emotions are completely valid and given to you by Mother Nature for life-affirming reasons.
In other words, when we truly grasp what each of our emotions are for- how they are meant to serve us- we wake up and realize that THERE ARE NO "NEGATIVE" EMOTIONS!
Therefore you can finally stop feeling guilty, ashamed or afraid of genuine feelings you have that your family, society and religion told you are "wrong".
The term "negative emotion" implies that there is something invalid/unworthy/sinful/unenlightened about feelings such as anger, rage, hate etc. And yet all of these feelings serve important and life-giving purposes.
To illustrate this, let us consider the emotion of hate. This deeply misunderstood and maligned energy enables us to "burn away" particularly toxic attacks on our core self. A telling example of this is healing from sexual abuse.
In sexual abuse the toxic, disturbed sexual energy of the abuser literally gets "stuck" in the child's system. After the abuse the person goes through life feeling chronically anxious and "invaded" - often without ever knowing why. And the energetic disturbance absorbed during the abuse- very much like a virus that the system can't eliminate- can never be completely washed away until the person gives in and allows him/herself to hate the perpetrator and what was done.
Hate, in other words, is a component of our emotional "immune system"!
Many mistakenly attempt to "forgive" their abuser before they have fully validated and expressed the hate and rage they naturally feel- and need to complete the healing process. But these attempts at what I call "premature forgiveness" leave much of their pain trapped unconsciously in their bodies.
I've worked with so many victims of abuse and none of them had taken this crucial step- because we are taught that hate is "negative" and "spiritually incorrect". But finally validating their hate and channeling it in a safe, loving and constructive way led to a healing breakthrough- every single time!
This is just one example- and a very powerful one- of how we need a new, completely self-loving view of all of our feelings. By stopping the judgemental fight against our feelings, learning to trust and creatively work with all of them, we are empowered to reach the state of inner freedom and Unconditional Self-Love we need to be radiantly happy! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN