My Apple Pie Oh yes... Everything has a beginning ~The beginning of this blog has a wonderful mouth watering aroma ~Years ago I acquired a very young tree .that we planted out in the back yard ` which just happened to be an apple tree ~ In fact it was given to us by our brother ,,, who has a wonderful green thumb `, In those few years the tree has given us~ bushels of apples ~ which we ate and gave away and managed to freeze some every year to use in the cold winters to muscle up some delicious mouth watering pies ~We also actually managed to pass along several little saplings to many people who in turn planted them and enjoyed the fruit of thier labour as well~ ~and they have done the same thing~ by passing it on for many others to enjoy ` So you see~This could go on and on ~ I am thinking how fortunate we are ~ for these little things that we most often take for granted ~ Enjoy~