DEAR FRIENDS- It takes maximum courage- and love- to stop spanking our kids. Its what we were taught and what so many of us went through ourselves! And it brings up painful feelings to "break the chain" and deal emotionally with what we feel from spanking (often guilt/shame/deep sorrow and regret) and having been hit ourselves (anger/hurt/confusion). People who end the cycle of violence are heroes- plain and simple!
I have ended the "generational cycle of violence" in my own life and helped many friends and clients to free themselves. So I know that you can achieve this blessed goal too!
Please know that you have all of my love and support- and my deepest admiration and respect- for seeing beyond your own history and what society says is "normal and permissible" regarding physical violence toward children. I hope you will take this vow along with me and a growing number of our brothers and sisters- for your own sake, for the sake of your precious children and for the children of the future: "The cycle of pain stops with me." LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN