DEAR FRIENDS- I don't believe that anyone has described, in vivid detail, what I am about to describe to you. And that is the actual bodily and emotional experience of unconditionally  loving yourself!
I hope that you have as much fun reading this as I have had in writing it. And that what you read inspires and motivates you to awaken Unconditional Self-Love in your own body, mind and spirit.
Pure self-acceptance is far more than a philosophy or a beautiful thought. It is a wondrous array of physical and emotional sensations that can become what you feel inside yourself every day.
Most of us have yet to break through to the absolutely joyous experience of embracing everything inside us. We still harbor resistance- fear, guilt, shame, doubt- to certain of our feelings, instincts, desires, thoughts. Because our parents/society/culture/religions rejected or misunderstood aspects of our Real Selves (especially our sexuality, our anger/aggression/self-assertion, and the power of our longing to be loved) we are still "frozen" against our full aliveness.
And because we've never felt the joy of total "oneness with ourselves" we wonder if it really exists. And if we will ever find it!
I promise you that you CAN reach a relationship with yourself of unconditional love and acceptance. To help you find it's vibration within you, I'd like to describe the grounded, very tangible sensations you experience when your self-acceptance is total and your life-force is completely free and flowing.
If you could only feel for a single hour what your heart and body experience when you are in a state of complete self-connection, you would never forget the bliss, the freedom, the release of all inner tensions and the sheer "joy of being" that engulfs you. You feel warmed deep inside and all throughout your body- because your heart is warm toward YOU!
When you deeply love yourself certain emotions are always present. You feel a great tenderness for yourself- like a devoted Mother feels toward her newborn child. You feel an unshakeable confidence and faith in who you are. You are glad and excited, inspired and blessed!
Both physically and emotionally you feel a beautiful, profound inner stillness. It is so restful, so nourishing, so healing.
When all fear and resistance to your own instincts, your own emotions, your own body and spirit is completely gone, your heart and body fill to overflowing with a sensation of sweetness. It is the pleasure of being completely YOU and being alive.
In this wide-open and fully surrendered state, every breath you take feels deeply satisfying. There is no sense of restriction because the emotional blocks that inhibit the breath are gone. The most simple act- breathing- is a wonderful pleasure accompanied by lovely sensations of spaciousness and freedom.
And there is a light, rising and pleasurable excitement in the core of your body- called happiness!
Can you remember how it feels to hold a newborn baby? Or what it's like when you fall asleep in the arms of your lover? There is a gentle glowing heat and a sense of "melting together". Sometimes there is the "tingling" that occurs when the chi/prana moves freely. When you break through and release into total self-acceptance, you feel this "melting" sense of contact within yourself!
By embracing your every thought, every feeling, every instinct, every desire, every impulse with self-warmth and self-trust, beyond all notions of "good" and "bad", JUST "BEING" YOU- you gradually awaken the wonderful feelings I'm describing.
There is no substitute, no experience that compares to this soul deep, total acceptance of yourself.
And it's what we are all longing for!
You deserve to feel this way all the time. I urge you to truly believe that! And to practice Self-Love in every way you can, with all your devotion and determination, until this beautiful state of being is yours to enjoy forever. Feeling is believing!  LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN