DEAR FRIENDS-The new idea of having total tenderness and empathy for yourself- from within- is at the core of the Self-Love revolution. The revelation of Self-Love proclaims for the first time that we can go beyond all of our past conditioning- from our families, our societies, our cultures and our religions- to claim our birthright of happiness by being unconditionally loving Mothers and Fathers to ourselves!
When you grasp the healing truth of what this means you realize that every body and spirit has the power and the limitless love to release their pain to the very bottom and free the phoenix of their soul to rise from the ashes. And be reborn into the joy of being completely alive and happy as the person you came here to be- YOU!
Unconditional Self-Love sleeps within every one of us, waiting for our efforts in every arena- yoga, meditation, art, Core/Bioenergetic Psychotherapy and every opening of our hearts to self-connection- to move forward on the journey of totally accepting and believing in our Beautiful Selves! So let's focus our minds, hearts and "will to practice" on the moment-to-moment love for ourselves that we need to claim the birthright of happiness and inner peace we were born to enjoy! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN