HOWL AT THE MOON is the latest album for John Pippus, Canadian west coast blues singer-songwriter. And the question you need to ask yourself in the music business - is this the one? Is this the turning point for John Pippus? For myself, as someone who quite enjoys music and currently building up my own library of songs on my music publishing company, SOFT WATER SOUNDS MUSIC - I enjoy everything from blues to classic to country music to jazz. I would have to conclude that John Pippus has made it clear that he intends to be up there alongside the greats, HAMMOND, HOOKER,B.B. KING. On one of his songs, BOZOS ON THE BUS, with Howling Harmonica and high energy - you suddenly realize that by golly, this dude is for real and in a matter of time we shall hear plenty more. Its a tough hill to climb, this music business, but John is dearly determined. From the raunchy THOSE FIVE DAYS to the gentle Leblanc-Pippus ballad, BUY YOU ANYTHING, the man has some cool things happening on HOWL AT THE MOON. So its evident, if this is not the turning point, its pretty darn close. Nanaimo radio Station CHLY 101.7 F.M. played a great cross-section of Pippus music on the program which combined music and conversation. Even allowing John Pippus to talk about some personal issues. I have pestered John about doing one of my songs, for example MISSISSIPPI WOMAN WITH A CALIFORNIA HEART?? And maybe in time he will consider it. Checking my email the other day I found a message from John Pippus. He read one of my blogs about losing our doggie Sandy. Now how many people you know would take the time to do something like that? Well, that just demonstrates what a nice guy Pippus really is. John Pippus finds the time for friends, and co-writers, is a good listener and has a kind heart. And a gutsy blues singer on top of all that. As for HOWL AT THE MOON, its available at AMAZON on Feb. 1, 2013. I would give it 8 stars out of 10. And my personal recommendation: Buy it. Add it to your music collection.