I really think the Katz family had a vision  with the acquisition of Rexall Drugs. From 1920 till 1977 there were thousands of Rexall Drug Stores in Canada and the U.S. Then in 1985 the Katz family took over the chain. And going down today to pick up some pharmaceutical items   -
I would say the prices were great, the place was large and clean and friendly and brought back memories of the older and smaller Rexall drugs in our neighborhood. Things do change. Starting with
some 40 small stores who invested $4,000 each
the company (based in Boston) got a good start back in 1902. At that time the United Drug Company operated Liggett,Own, Sonta and the Rexall brands. From the 1950's into the  l980's
the Rexall brand struggled along - mostly against
the discount drug stores opening up. Although today things have changed much in favour of Rexall where you can purchase over the counter
medication, vitamins, supplements, dental, etc.
And thanks to Darryl Katz the city of Edmonton has a view to a bright future, with a new sports arena
and no doubt other surprises by the Katz family, who go about business in a quiet way, and that is a new and welcome way to do business. I think we shall see Rexall around for a long, long time....

I guess its proof positive that rich folks like the Katz family have much to offer, much like
Bill Gates and others who you likely will never see around, as they spend time in the various homes they have acquired around the world. And us common folks simply like to run to the drug store and get a deal....not giving a thought to whether
the stores are doing good, bad or otherwise. All we want is a good price thats affordable...and in this economy whoever can offer the best price, whether its the Walmart chain or Rexall Drugs - they are the
ones that are going to get the business. We really don't give much thought if they live in a Mansion with 20 bathrooms or 25.  And as long as the rich folks recognize they have loyal customers - the business will simply carry on....

Happy New year to the Katz family!