In the recent January 2013 issue of In Touch Magazine, a product of In Touch Ministries, the introductory article by Dr. Charles F. Stanley, caught my attention. Here is what Dr. Stanley had to say: "Many people see the new year as a fresh start - a time to refocus and reset their goals.But what they may not realize is that is impossible to find contentment apart from God. No matter how much money they make, how many possessions they have, or how prominent they might be in the eyes of the world, real joy will always elude them unless they know Him!" and later in the article, Dr. Stanley has this to say: "We get caught up in circumstances and forget how to recognize our heavenly Father's hand in our life. When that happens, we lose our sense of His presence, and our joy and fulfillment disappear as well." So with those words from Dr. Stanley, just perhaps its time for each of us to take more time to walk with Him and talk with Him, because honestly, we just don't know how many days remain in our lives...we simply need to know and love and trust our matchless Companion -or perhaps we shall get to know Him for the first time. I am saying a prayer for all the readers of blog4change and for all the contributors that 2013 will be a good year and that perhaps you will take more time to learn about God in your lives, I certainly want to strive to do that...and need to..... God Bless...and thanks Dr. Stanley and In Touch Magazine.