When I first heard Carson Cole doing his very unique and captivating song I felt that at some time I would like to co-write something similar with Carson. I just chanced to speak with my brothers son Lennie today (who just returned from Mexico) and Lennie brought to my attention that Chantal Burn and Carson Cole had worked on some songs together, but somehow in the process I came across this gem by Carson - Jesus is a Biker Man! Just relax and enjoy the lyrics of this song by Carson Cole and better still enjoy Carson doing the song on Youtube! A little boy in his grandpas hands went to the funeral of a biker man - His Daddy passed a semi with a bad cross wind and went away He said, looks like Grandpa from the cars outside Mercedes Benz and Lincolns are the cars Jesus drives And Daddy was a biker and he didn't wear ties, is he ok? The old mans eyes grew wet as he stared down at the box He remembered too many arguments and hardly any talks But he bit his lip and he straightened up to help the child understand Your Daddy wasn't perfect son but Jesus is a biker man. Chorus: He rides on water, he sleeps in the sand He lends out his shoulder, and dances with the band Does the best that he can He stands up for freedom and reaches out his hand He rides on water, your Daddy's in good hands Cause Jesus is a Biker Man. And with lyrics like that, Carson, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, your perspective on the subject of Jesus is unique and special...and who really knows... perhaps, at some point and time... Jesus could have been a Biker Man....!!