DEAR FRIENDS- Do you completely love and believe in yourself? Unconditionally accepting yourself opens your heart and sets you free in a way that nothing else ever can or will.
I often use the example of a newborn infant to illustrate the kind of love you can awaken toward yourself. Contemplate how moved you are in the presence of such a precious and perfect little being. You feel tender, you feel protective, and filled with a sense of beauty and wonder. I guarantee that you have never thought - "You aren't good enough..." or "I wish you were different somehow..." You feel pure love - an unconditional "yes"! And a sense of sacredness. Instinctively your heart speaks: "Become yourself - that's all you need to do!"
Now imagine being filled with this sense of love and validity - toward YOU. You can do it!
Just like a sacred newborn child, you are a unique masterpiece- fully worthy, fully valid, fully lovable. And just like that precious miracle you do not need to change who you are or become a "better person". Let go of all that self-doubt and celebrate your amazing beauty and total rightness. And live your life from the daily happiness that Unconditional Self-Love naturally creates.
The more deeply you understand it, the more you realize that coming forth with all of your energy, love and aliveness is the core purpose of your life. Loving and believing in yourself is precisely what empowers you to do this!
Don't you see? . You are as precious, as sacred, as worthy and as lovable as the day you were born. And you have the same potential for a life of joy, if you choose to believe in yourself and begin again! LOTS OF LOVE - BRYAN