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A simple little Blessing

we are all his children

~The Christmas Past~

appreciation seems to have a different meaning

~Why Does Everyone say *I'm Sorry*?

There is a place for the word.

~On Being Creative~

when we are finished raising our children... what shall we do

Back To Homemade

Mom always makes things Best

~Back To School~

Being a senior made me chuckle

The path of life

what happens when we take a different path

~People Are All So Different~

You *Usually * get a nice smile back~

Gathering fruit from our trees....

Years ago probably before the 1900’s women used to sew ... almost everything by hand

*Do You believe in Fatalism*?

Probably there was a good reason for that~

~Choosing A Doctor~

He may have a lot of credentials....

~Live Love Laugh~

How quickly time goes by~

Simple Things can be a Remedy~

You don't have to go that far....

Some think and some don't

When the time is right ...the babies will do it~

Changing back The Clock

*Their Work was never Finished*

Human Nature

They say *Some people are like the weather*

~What posseses people to Riot?

Someone has to win and someone has to lose~

Is it ok to become *Mellow* ?

we just seem to take one day at a time


*OGF*will always be there for you no matter what~

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