Human nature.. is something that refers to the distinguishing characteristics . in ways of feeling   thinking and acting~that are natural in all humans~
  It is so...... that it can quickly change ones path in life.... after  many years of going along that particular path ....and thinking that things.. or people have changed.. and in actuality they have not  ~ Only to serve their own selfish purposes  ~ 
 I suppose it can be a life lesson for  you ...but totally disappointing as well ~at times  ~
 It is also like buying something and expecting good results and being absolutely fooled  ~  But that is life .. for some.   I think that *If* we didn’t have such *High expectations* of people  or even things we wouldn’t feel the disappointment ...  But who knows  ~ They say nothing is perfect   ~*S*
 The thing is.....  I suppose..... to *accept* everything as *StatusQuo*    and don’t be disappointed ....if things or people suddenly change .
 Then On the other hand.... by *some changes*.. we receive  pleasant surprises ...  so again~      **here we go ** ~ Human Nature*   is somewhat like *Mother nature * and therefore.....   that is why..... the** saying**..... that *Some people are like the weather*  ~  Or when asked how are we doing ?   Some folks say Come see  come saw  ~  Have a pleasant day  thinking about this one   **S**