~The Christmas Past~
By Old Soul
Published on 11/26/2011
appreciation seems to have a different meaning

Wow.... Christmas   has   certainly changed  through the years...  and the word  *Appreciation *   seems to have become a different meaning as well,   the reason being is~    with *money* being so much more  * abundant*..   today~.. people have  been increasing   the size and price of Christmas presents......and putting     *shopping *    on top of the list... 
  Children are demanding the latest of things which are seen on tv and advertised everywhere you look these days.  
 Not only   does it make the younger generation less appreciative... but it also takes away the  *true  meaning * of  giving  and  receiving... .....Including  the homemade  gift ..   ... sometimes being    *a lovely pair of knitted  wool mittens*   or what have you...  In the days when we were growing up.....  we received a  little brown paper  bag...   filled  with     *an orange and some nuts and candy ...  from the town hall.  Oh how precious that was to us.We carried it home   so carefully  and happily~
 Then when we got home...   we might have got a pair of* pyjamas*   wrapped up for Christmas... If there was enough  money left to buy a few things. 
 Maybe our dad would take us kids in the old car... and drive us around to see the houses ... that were decorated  with pretty lights....
   Mom would make us a favourite ~ pastry~  that we all liked ~ in  those days i remember they were buns with a  delicious prune filling   ~ 
  Then we had a skating rink at the back of the house   where the big garden was.... it was made   from ~*the wash water*  after mom washed clothes...   that was dumped out and carried by hand... Mostly by our big brother..
 all these  wonderful memories were all related to the Christmas season... and the outdoors.... 
 I know  times  have changes  and  we all have to go forward... however   the    memories  of the *Christmas Past  * will always remain  ~