~Why Does Everyone say *I'm Sorry*?
By Old Soul
Published on 09/27/2011
There is a place for the word.

Why  do people use certain words that have no place? The word i am talking about is the word*Sorry*...   Well you might be a polite person  .... and of course... it might sound  right.. and sincere....  but  *whoa* ..  There is no need  for that exact word at that exact time and place   that  you use it..   I feel    that there really is an over use of the word~For instance...when we are walking out and about and there are many other people and someone bumps into you ......  why would you say *Oh I’m sorry *  ?A mere  *smile*    would suffice as far as i am concerned...after all....
 Hey  .......... they walked into you.... there is no reason for an apology  on your part. so why do you have to say it?    When   you  do some public speaking or just  plain having a conversation and you have the need to cough or sneeze.....  Many people say *I’m sorry*    well why ?   You have no reason to apologize at that time . A simple  *Excuse me  would   be fine... It is natural and everyone does it.    I find that some people are obsessed  with apologizing   all the time   It s silly... and unnecessary.
 Go to a book store or shopping  for an article and  it just so happens to be out of stock... what do you mostly hear  ?   *I’m sorry  * we are out right now  .   Awchhh   .. here we go again.
 I think that word has its place where it fits the bill... Example...for when it is used as an expression   of  *regret or wrong doing*
 Also to convey  your condolences... then  it is fine ...and also is  a proper place to use the work  *sorry*...
   However....  *S*   I know   No one is perfect.... This is just a *Point to ponder*   and i bet you will catch yourself thinking about it the next time you say  *I’m Sorry* 
 Have a fine day ......