Old Soul

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~The Glue~

She or He was *The GLUE* that kept the family together

~Starting Out~

~Starting out was truly the best time in our Lives~

~The Beauty of Each Season~

So very picturesque ~almost depicting a *MONET* Garden

~Beconning a Grandparent~

Every day~ there is something new about that new grandbaby~ ye

~The Sound Of Music~

By then i am ready to Rise and Shine

~A Gift~

~There are so many meanings~ it is almost impossible to name them all~

~Thoughts of Tastes~ of The Past~

~So you can still get a taste of the past~

~Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed~

~we wonder where and how that particular phrase originated ~


~My sister and her husband live in a small town in Saskatchewan~

~Is this the end or the Beginning ?~

What we do from here on~~ shall set the way

~Our Anniversary Part#2~

like collecting **treasures of beautiful sea shells* along the walk on the beach~The *Precious Walk of Life*~


Maybe tomorow might be a better day to go fishing ~

~Our Amazing Fifty Years~

Its amazing how the years fly by so quickly ~


Its strange how one can get attached to something like that


Sometimes we wish that we had everything that we want and ask for ~ but life isnt that way

~Spoiled Kids??

Thats the trouble now a day~ Priorities

~Needlework~ Is it A Lost Art?~

The older traditional crafts appear to be a lost art ~

~Trying To Be Creative~

Im just trying to be creative ~ but i better stop here~

~Let Them Fly From The Nest~

we can also learn some pretty good stuff from them as well~

If Today Was Your Last

Yes ~ we are much like a grain of sand in the wind passing by in this big old world.~

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