If Today Was Your Last
  Really~ what would you do ?If today was your very last day ?  Wow ~  thats a heck of a lot to imagine  ~Well just think about it~   The world would go on and so would everyone else~Yes  ~ we are    much like a grain of sand in the wind  passing   by  in this big old world.~
   So what are we waiting for anyway ?    Enjoy every day  ~   Use  everything you have   ~~` New clothes ~  new ~* whatever you have saved*~   and dont think about tomorow~
 Well in some respects  we do have to   ~ I mean  *Dont go all hog wild and rid your hard earned cash all at once  ~~ ` But dont be stingy with yourself  ~  If you want to do something  ~ *Something good for yourself*  *S*    ~ Do it  ~ 
    Take out that nice shirt you have been saving for good wear and wear it ~ darn it  ~Sit and enjoy a beer ~ if thats your pleasure  ~
    The business will keep going on and so will life  ~   People might miss you for a wee while  ~ but then they all carry on   like nothing has happened   ~    Have you ever thought about  *How **un important** we actually are ?
  The thing is     ~ we have to  make our time  count~ while we are here   ~ If  you are happy with the way everything is going for yourself  ~ Have good intentions toward other folks ~ and do whats good and right   ~ You have it made in the shade~
   Now  have a great day ~   and who knows~  maybe every day will be great or even better~