We are counting down ~the days   to~*  celebrating  our  *50* th wedding  anniversary*~ 
  This is most unbelieveable  ~ because  ~ in our  lifetime~ we have attended  many 50 th wedding anniversarys  ~  in which the couples  were   ....or seemed to be pretty darn elderly ~ to me ~   *S* I thought  heavens   ~   ` they look pretty good  for being married all those years~ and lasting the task~ of raising thier family and working   and still look wonderful enough to be celebrating a huge milestone  ~
 Ahh  ~ we've  got there now  ~ and i wonder ~if the younger people think the same   ~ saying~*  wow they must be older than dirt**S*
   Its amazing how the years fly by so quickly ~So many things that happened~ during that time span~   Happiness and sadness~ We have lost so many many dear and precious  people in our life  ~~
  I feel that life is so comparable to a flower garden~New beginnings  ~ all different flowers like the different folks that have come and gone in our life time and fifty years of marriage which have broadened our family tree~Like seeds falling and  starting  new plants~
 Each one blooming in thier own times~  like new additions and adding to the beauty of life~
For all this ~ that we have ~ and had to enjoy   Including being able to feel and share  the love~ of the loved ones and family~ that we lost during this time ~ I feel it has been the art work of God~