We are all born with our own  *Creativity within us  ~Its amazing   just how and when it surfaces...I   find   that a lot of times  as a matter of fact most of the time it comes out with age~or shall i say in our senior years~
  Mostly when all of the other things in life that were necessary...getting through the young years ....  raising our children and such   were  all finished.....  Well ..  Are we ever finished with that ??Smile We have the grandchildren   then...  but of course   that we do not mind they are a treasure to have around  Smile
 Any way .... for example.... My brother     Ted   is a musician.... and his creativity   .... the way i see it... is making other seniors   happy.... with his music....  His wife  Helen ..   is a wood carver... Oh yes.. women can do carving ..and simply beautiful.        I have seen some of her work.. and even had the pleasure of receiving a *gift * of her beautiful carving for our 50 th anniversary  which we will treasure.
  Now some other seniors  have taken to painting ......and that i would think would be  very relaxing....   And then others do crafts and donate them to charities and so on ......
 My sister   has   does some quilting...  and simply gorgeous~
 As for myself   ~  i am still trying to figure  what is my hobby and when shall i begin  Smile I think even in baking and cooking   we can be very creative when we want to ...
Ho Hum....   what shall i create today ?Smile