Whatever possesses people to riot? To join in  a  crowd of rowdy’s ~overturning  cars.. and starting fires .. after their city losing a simple ** game** ? Well It may not be  a simple game to them... but remember.... it is a *Game*~  Someone has to win and someone has to lose  ~
   I can see a cheering crowd celebrating a win but ~ to do this and show this kind of behaviour  at a loss   ~ come  on....
 It reminds me of children being told to go to bed at bed time and throwing a *Tantrum~
 Now the city is going to be left with a huge *bill*   for cleaning and maintenance after all this~
 There are other cities in other countries  that have similar situations  ~ However  it is ..  something political rather than recreation~
 It is something much more  serious and people are being killed ~  and fires   started and damage caused  everywhere  ~  Is it something called   *Mob Mentality * ?  Or  what ?
 I wonder what causes  this  ? 
 It certainly would be a better scenario  if~ a feeling of goodness and kindness would be so contagious.... rather than   that  particular   insane  mentality~