The  sound of *Back To School*    Oh how wonderful  ~for the moms  with  little children at home  ~ Yes i am sure they were  enjoying the day ~ *S*.
 Yesterday.... i was out shopping with my daughter   ~ An adult daughter  of course...  Wow  every store that we were in had the lovely sound of  ~*screaming and crying children* .  No... we were not in daycares. but   shopping  malls~*S* Being a senior it made me chuckle..  thinking ... that i am free of having to do that particular task  anymore..... of   taking  little children shopping for *school clothes .....  as school will be starting once again  shorty~.   The mothers .... most of them had  two or three little ones ...and some not old enough for school.....  but  hopefully.. the dads were working... and unable to take care of the little ones..or whatever the situation may be~  so they had to be taken along... and waited... until mom did the duty of preparing the one going to school soon   getting them*Ready and prepared*     Oh the memories   ~ We had  four .... and i know what those moms were going through... especially when the younger ones  get  tired  or restless  .    God Bless the patient moms  ~ *S*Yes it is that time again... and before long those moms  will be feeling what i feel........ Maybe i miss those days  ......*S*