A SPIRITUAL ROCKSTAR-- My path is bringing together my work as a spiritual teacher and a career as an artist/rock singer in my award-winning band Tribe of Eden. I live in New York City where Tribe of Eden is based and I teach groups and workshops about awakening through the process of self-love, self-discovery and self-empowerment. I invite you to hear my music at: . And explore my work as a therapist and spiritual teacher at .
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My heart passionately and firmly tells me that we were all born innocent- and ready to be happy! It was distortions in our families/societies/cultures that wounded us. NOT any fault in ourselves and who we naturally ARE! Open your heart to your own inborn perfection, examine and then reject every belief- from your childhood, from your society/culture, from your spiritual tradition- that makes you doubt yourself. And finally validate your beautiful "rightness"- and be free!

A struggle that seems almost universal is worrying about what other people think of us. How many of us- to one degree or another- lead "other-centered" lives. That is, imprisoned in the anxiety that craves others' approval or fears their judgement. What is the free and secure place we need to cultivate within ourselves, in order to feel happy in our relationships with other people?


Choosing to face, feel, express and release your pain is the most spiritual and self-loving thing a person can do!

Every child is born innocent and pure, ready to love and be loved. It takes a mind-and-soul shattering amount of pain during one's childhood to turn a newborn child with a loving nature into a cold-hearted monster who re-enacts his own suffering on similarly innocent children. We must awaken now to how the physical, emotional and sexual violence and manipulation of vulnerable children can create enough rage and pain to cause the murder and destruction of all we hold dear. The killing of the precious angels of Newtown....

I respect the sincere passion and beliefs from all sides that so many of us are expressing about how to regulate firearms and other weapons. But we must open our eyes to the deeper cause of these types of tragedies if we are to effectively and finally end them.

These types of atrocities- from the violence of a lone madman to the mass violence we call war- have occurred throughout history and will continue to occur until we grasp the destructive nature of what occurs in so many so-called "normal families", behind closed doors.

Humanity's spiritual traditions and practices- unless they incorporate the revolutionary awareness of childhood's primal impact for good or ill- have taken our sacred quest for peace, freedom and love as far as they can. As I have stated elsewhere, it is time for our next revolution of love and awareness!

I know beyond all doubt that parents who spank their children do not intend to inflict the damage I am describing. But the damage surely occurs, regardless of the parents' conscious intentions. This stark fact must be squarely faced if we are to bring transforming light and compassion to bear on this practice- and get beyond it once and for all.


Blessed are they who love themselves- for they shall love others and be loved in return. Blessed are they who believe in themselves- for their faith shall make them whole. Blessed are they who see their own beauty- for they will be happy.

Your soul is forever whispering to you- "Let go and..... TRUST"! I developed this meditation to free you from the burden of crippling worry and fear. Using it regularly will awaken you to the truth- that fear is only a painful habit in the body and the mind. And any habit can be released through the power of courage and Self-Love. Use this meditation practice whenever you are worrying and afraid. Over time and with repetition, it will enable you to relax and permanently release the knot of chronic fear that everyone struggles with. I know you can do it!

You can only see who you truly are through the eyes of love! The following exercise is a powerful way to permanently release your chronic shame/self-doubt and build up empowering self-confidence and unconditional self-love. I did this exercise every day for years. Slowly and surely it led me to major breakthroughs in my life. My therapy clients and meditation students have universally reported remarkable positive changes in their self-esteem!

Many of us- perhaps all of us! - who have embraced positive change in our lives have experienced frustration and disappointment as we try to inspire others to do the same. We can lose heart, and stop trying to spread our light, if these repeated frustrations weigh our spirits down. Here is the real reason why people resist accepting your help- and helping themselves. And a "pep talk" to help you keep the faith!


Let's get right down to it- to love and believe in yourself, in the way I describe it- can only lead to the greatest good. Both for you personally, and for humanity as a whole!

It is my profound personal experience- and the experience of hundreds of my students and clients, many of whom were/are long-term meditators and yogis- that their buried unconscious feelings and pain were almost totally untouched by their practices of yoga, meditation, prayer, affirmations, etc. Every single one of them was astonished by how unaware they had been! They came to understand, as I did, that re-connecting to themselves, becoming free of their pain and coming fully alive requires a new kind of spiritual practice. One which provides the cleansing emotional release that is so necessary for the full liberation of body, mind and spirit.


I guarantee that if you use this practice regularly, you will find that the strength, wisdom and solutions to your challenges that you call for will flow to you from your Soul/Inner Power more and more easily and completely. Your Soul knows the way..... without a doubt!

The lyrics and music on my debut record- "Supernova Soul" - were written, produced and sung by me as an act of self-expression, service and... joy! The record was mixed by multiple Grammy winner Steve Thompson (Guns 'n Roses, Metallica, David Bowie...). The song "Empower" won "Indie Progressive Rock Song of the Year 2008" from the Progressive Rock Hall of Fame. As an artist my goal is to translate my message of love, unity and self-empowerment- that comes through in my blogs- into Rock-and-Roll form. ENJOY! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN


A person who worries (and that is most people!) will always, eventually, find something to worry about. The habit of worrying itself is the enemy. And you can completely break this habit....


What is the Inner Child? Your Inner Child can be understood in these two basic ways:
1. It is the part of you that was hurt while you were growing up, and which is still in pain within you.
2. It is the place in your heart that can trust without fear of betrayal; that is unafraid to love and be loved; that is capable of full and joyful self-expression; that takes great pleasure in play, creativity and imagination.
For you to feel free, and at peace with yourself, your Inner Child must have a Champion. That is, a compassionate witness that completely validates both your pain and your fundamental innocence and "rightness". This exercise teaches you how to become your own Champion!


We all know that worrying never solved a problem, and never made us feel better. Worrying simply doesn't work. But approaching life from a calmness, centeredness and kindness to ourselves always does. You deserve a life without the pain of worrying so I hope you will love yourself by giving this little practice a try. I believe that you will be thrilled by the results!


This is what I wrote to my friend, who lost her beloved dog named Prem (the Sanskrit word for love).

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