DEAR FRIENDS- I ask all of you to consider this: If you believe that the child you once were was born innocent, open-hearted, free of suffering, ready to love and be loved- WHAT HAPPENED?

Why do you now struggle with guilt, shame, fear, self-doubt, self-criticism? Either you were born "flawed" (the Christian doctrine of Original Sin, echoed in the Hindu/Buddhist idea of karma from "past lives")- somehow incapable of happiness and self-acceptance- or real, concrete experiences (that you did not "choose" and could not control) programmed you to lose the ability to love and believe in yourself. It cannot be both, it must be one or the other!

My heart passionately and firmly tells me that we were all born innocent- and ready to be happy! It was distortions in our families/societies/cultures that wounded us. NOT any fault in ourselves and who we naturally ARE!

Open your heart to your own inborn perfection, examine and then reject every belief- from your childhood, from your society/culture, from your spiritual tradition- that makes you doubt yourself. And finally validate your beautiful "rightness"- and be free! LOVE AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and MY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR YOU! - BRYAN