DEAR FRIENDS- If you believe as I do that we are not born with a "mental illness" or a predisposition to hurt others- if we are in fact born with natural instincts to be loving and compassionate- then how does a once innocent child end up as a vicious mass murderer? I believe with all my heart that people who commit atrocities such as the Newtown murders are driven by mind-shattering levels of emotional pain and rage. And that these terrible destructive forces originate from serious abuse and mistreatment during their childhoods.
An example I often use in my workshops is how Adolf Hitler was brutally and repeatedly beaten and humiliated by his Father. And abandoned to this fate by his Mother, who refused to defend him and take his side. And when a man so driven by unconscious fantasies of vengeance comes to power- or buys a gun- they act out symbolically the violence that was visited upon them.
These types of atrocities- from the violence of a lone madman to the mass violence we call war- have occurred throughout history and will continue to occur until we grasp the destructive nature of what occurs in so many so-called "normal families", behind closed doors. And understand, on a worldwide scale, how to respond to childrens' core emotional needs , and protect them from the emotional manipulation and physical/sexual violence that parents unknowingly and unintentionally pass on to their children from their own upbringing.
The inter-generational cycle of pain and the inevitable violence and destructiveness it causes must be recognized and stopped once and for all. IN HOPE AND SORROW- BRYAN