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As I have tried to illustrate in my new posts- "Life is not Suffering" and "Self-Love Versus Karma: Trust Your Heart!"- the religious and spiritual beliefs we are taught are of crucial importance. Because we use them to understand who we are and "make sense" out of life they can be a great help in setting ourselves free- or chains that keep us in guilt, shame and ignorance. Any one who grew up with "Catholic guilt" about their sexuality, Hindu guilt over believing you have a "karmic debt" from past lives, or Buddhist guilt over the natural, healthy and self-respecting anger Mother Nature gave you (anger is seen as ignorance in Buddhism) needs to - as in the Matrix- take the "red pill" and free their minds. For all self-defeating spiritual and religious beliefs that weigh you down substitute this simple mantra: "There is NOTHING wrong with me- and there never has been"!

I cannot look at a pure, precious and innocent newborn child and believe for a second that he/she has come into this world with any weight of 'karma"- the slightest speck of debt, burden or need to atone. Can you? Does this seem shocking or sacreligeous to some of you? No disrespect intended (honestly) but GOOD! Maybe you are being "shaken awake" with this vibration of faith, passion and open-hearted love. Keep reading! Throughout history our minds have invented many spellbinding theories- like all the esoteric beliefs about "past lives", "choosing" dysfunctional parents so we can atone for our imagined past wrongs or "learn lessons" etc.. But the heart holds our deepest truth, and my heart KNOWS that every child is born totally innocent. Period! The love in my heart tells me so- and I'm going with my heart every time!

What I am about to say I maintain with the utmost passion and conviction. Awakening to the fact that we were born fully capable of happiness, and that it is our dysfunctional childhoods and not self-defeating illusions such as Original Sin, "karmic shadows/lessons from past lives" or an inevitable Buddhist "ego" that are driving our problems, is the next frontier in spirituality. This "quantum leap" in our self-understanding is the equivalent of science evolving beyond the notion that "evil spirits" cause infections and recognizing the actual cause in microbes. The "evil spirits" theory may have had some usefulness but treating the germ is far more exact- and successful! Makes sense?

During my long "dark night of the soul" I couldn't possibly have foretold how joyful it would feel to be alive today! Or how freeing myself would awaken the passionate desire to support others who are fighting for their own healing and enlightenment. The deepest encounter with suffering- physical, emotional, spiritual- makes you see that another person's pain hurts them as much as yours hurts you. It teaches you that although we all have different stories- our pain is the same. And it opens your heart to kindness and the instinct to help.


Don't spend your life waiting wait for others to love you- it will never be enough to fill up your heart. But when you embrace your own beauty and perfection and completely believe in all that you are- your heart overflows!

We all need- and deserve!- that primal feeling of "Ahhhhhhh.... I am forever safe and I can finally rest.... no matter what happens all will be well." What would it be like to experience that kind of peace- moment-to-moment, day-to-day- for the rest of your life?


What is the pale solace of external treasures- money, power, status, achievement- compared to the joy and security of unconditional self-acceptance and love?

Pleasure and love are the medicines we all need. And the open-hearted joy of sex is the sweet combination of both! Being pleasure-oriented in general, and loving and embracing our sexual feelings in particular, keeps us "turned on"- glowing, happy and excited by life.


How many of you are frustrated about your sexual experience but really don't know why you feel unsatisfied- or how to fix it? From a thoughtful observation of the never-ending stream of remedies peddled by the drug industry and the decades-long discussion on TV/Radio talk shows, the internet and magazines, it appears that millions of us are endlessly searching for sexual satisfaction that we never truly find. The insight that our emotional blocks- which everybody has (through no choice or fault of their own.....)- HIGHLY impact our sexual satisfaction is virtually unknown. And yet it is enormously important and is the missing key for people to revolutionize their sex lives and claim the deep pleasure and joy they deserve.

I regularly hear reports from my clients that after the lively expression and release of a previously blocked emotion (usually anger, sadness, fear or the need for love) the vividness and pleasure of sexual feelings and orgasmic satisfaction noticeably increases. And this joyful excitement and fulfillment in sex grows and becomes permanent- the "new normal"- as the person's fear and resistance to his/her own emotions is worked through and the life-force flows fully and freely.

I am here to tell you that the pain inside you- and all of us- CAN be permanently released and healed. It is not "part of life" or "the human condition" to suffer! You can reclaim the natural, inborn happiness- your birthright of Original Grace- that you long for and deserve!


The world is hungering, thirsting and dying.... for authenticity! For the liberating vibration- the soul music- of your fearless self-expression. Everyone wants to let go and BE THEMSELVES. More than anything else we desire, we desire that!


Just like a sacred newborn child, you are a unique masterpiece- fully worthy, fully valid, fully lovable. And just like that precious miracle you do not need to change who you are or become a "better person". Let go of all that self-doubt and celebrate your amazing beauty and total rightness. And live your life from the daily happiness that Unconditional Self-Love naturally creates.

Because being alive naturally feels wonderful when our energy is flowing free and we are no longer carrying/struggling against a burden of pain.

There needs to be a great "emotional clearing" of your system. Eventually the painful feelings are resolved and gone. And all that is left is the aliveness and the freedom. Then a great peace comes over you, and the love, joy and creativity of your body and soul shine forth unimpeded!

So many people truly love each other but that love fades because the emotional reactivity of our "hot buttons" wears the feeling of love and connection (including the sexual connection!) down. If what I am sharing here was known to everyone so many relationships would survive the "rough times". And be even more fulfilling than before- both because of the greater self-awareness and because the old emotional conditioning would no longer be getting in the way! If you have a friend who is struggling in his/her relationship I hope you will share these insights. It could make all the difference!

Deep in your body and soul is a Loving Mother, a beautiful piece of your core self. She sees your sorrow and feels it with you. Your Inner Mother will never leave you and will hold you until all the pain is gone.

Now here is the REAL truth about you. You are a unique masterpiece- fully worthy, fully valid, fully lovable. You do not need to change who you are or become a "better person". Why? Because the actual problem is believing that your core and authentic self isn't good enough- isn't in fact a miracle! You need to wake up and celebrate the amazing beauty and total rightness that is YOU! And live your life from the happiness that self-inspiration brings you.

The revelations about childrens' basic rights and needs are as fundamental a shift in humanity's awareness and ability to succeed as Moses' Ten Commandments, Jesus' teachings on love and brotherhood and Buddha's doctrines of compassion and the Eightfold Path. The Sacred Teachings on Love and Childhood, offered as a path to end unnecessary suffering and ensure the victory of peace, joy and love, will reach deeply into the hearts and minds of millions who want to protect children and heal the world.


Almost everyone blames themselves for the loneliness they carry. This sad and tragic lie must be dispelled by the light of love and truth! When our aloneness has lasted a long time we come to doubt our own worth and lovableness, believing that somehow a flaw in ourselves has led to our pain. And this unfair and undeserved self-doubt only adds to the sense of isolation. But what if the actual truth is this- that we are now and always have been completely and totally lovable! Where, then, did our loneliness and unfulfilled longing for love begin?

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