DEAR FRIENDS- I cannot look at a pure, precious and innocent newborn child and believe for a second that he/she has come into this world with any weight of 'karma"- the slightest speck of debt, burden or need to atone.
Can you?
Does this seem shocking or sacriligeous to some of you? No disrespect intended (honestly) but GOOD! Maybe you are being "shaken awake" with this vibration of faith, passion and open-hearted love. Keep reading!
Throughout history our minds have invented many spellbinding theories- like all the esoteric beliefs about "past lives", "choosing" dysfunctional parents so we can atone for our imagined past wrongs or "learn lessons" etc.. But the heart holds our deepest truth, and my heart KNOWS that every child is born totally innocent. Period! The love in my heart tells me so- and I'm going with my heart every time!
Also in my work as a psychotherapist I have helped many people who were told by psychics (like Brian Weiss and so many others....) that their pain and suffering was due to a "past life" to get grounded and realize that they were actually suffering from being hurt as a child in THIS LIFE. Their beliefs about "past lives" were emotional and mental "defense mechanisms" which had been helping them avoid the full impact and pain of what hurt them growing up. It is far harder- but infinitely more healing- to drop the myth of "past lives" and realize you were born completely innocent, and were wounded by the people you loved and trusted the most- Mom and Dad.
And when these brave people broke through and saw the truth about their dysfunctional upbringing their ability to fully love themselves and their healing process accelerated drastically.
For these reasons I completely reject the notion of karma from "past lives". When you think about it, you realize that you can't believe in any karmic debt and Self-Love simultaneously. One contradicts the other. This is why I believe that Self-Love is a revolutionary message. It contradicts old beliefs that make us doubt our own worth, beauty and total rightness. Makes sense? LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN