DEAR FRIENDS- As I have tried to illustrate in my new posts- "Life is not Suffering" and "Self-Love Versus Karma: Trust Your Heart!"- the religious and spiritual beliefs we are taught are of crucial importance. Because we use them to understand who we are and "make sense" out of life they can be a great help in setting ourselves free- or chains that keep us in guilt, shame and ignorance. Any one who grew up with "Catholic guilt" about their sexuality, Hindu guilt over believing you have a "karmic debt" from past lives, or Buddhist guilt over the natural, healthy and self-respecting anger Mother Nature gave you (anger is seen as ignorance in Buddhism) needs to - as in the Matrix- take the "red pill" and free their minds. If you want to be happily at one with yourself you have to question everything your family, society and religion tell you about who you are- and think independently! I urge you to follow my example and take from our traditions what brings you alive and validates your beauty and worth. Then discard everything else! And make sure that whatever conclusions you come to are based on loving and believing in YOU! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN