DEAR FRIENDS- As many of you know I wrestled with the demons of darkness inside me- fear and heartbreak, guilt and shame, self-hate and despair, and a supposedly "incurable" disease- for decades of my life.
When your eyes are wide open you clearly see that everyone- no exceptions!- if fighting on the inside to be free. So I know that many of you are facing difficult challenges of your own as you struggle toward the peace and happiness you long for- and deserve.
You are not alone!
By choosing to journey inward and completely connect to my pain- with unconditional love and compassion- I ultimately let it all go and rose to a resurrection of health, freedom and happiness.
No matter where you are now, with devotion toward yourself and faith in Life you can achieve a "healing miracle" of your own.
During my long "dark night of the soul" I couldn't possibly have foretold how joyful it would feel to be alive today! Or how freeing myself would awaken the passionate desire to support others who are fighting for their own happiness and liberation. The deepest encounter with suffering- physical, emotional, spiritual- makes you see that another person's wound hurts them as much as yours hurts you. It teaches you that although we all have different stories- our pain is the same. And it opens your heart to kindness and the instinct to help.
So I am on a mission to share the love, light and aliveness I've found! I try to infuse everything I write with all the caring, compassion, faith and clarity I have- then send it out to you as a wave of positive energy that you can use.
In this regard I want to thank all of you who are reading, "liking" and reposting my essays with your circle of friends. Your response to the writings helps this wave of life-force to grow stronger and these "seeds of love" to take root in the world. That brings me great satisfaction and multiplies the meaning of all I've been through. How wonderful!
I publish these essays because I personally know how much people need the encouragement to completely accept and believe in themselves. At times this can be the hardest thing to do- and it's always the thing we need the most! So I write to support you in your struggle to wake up to your own magnificent beauty and unconditional worth.
Positive change takes commitment and focus. We have to work for it, sweat for it, fight for it! So I write to bolster your faith that YOU are worth fighting for! And that working to heal and love yourself really can and will revolutionize your life. IT WILL. I am living proof!
I also write to blaze a path- within each of you for your own liberation and collectively in our One Heart- to the Dream of Heaven on Earth that is emblazoned into our deepest hopes and desires. It is my passionate conviction that our ability to finally end the sources of our collective suffering- war and poverty, injustice and intolerance- will come about through a radical breakthrough in the masses in what I describe as Self-Love. Being at peace with yourself is the precondition to being at peace with others. Love and compassion toward oneself awakens the natural desire to extend those blessings to others. A world of people who are at war within themselves will "project" their internal conflicts onto the world and inevitably create war and strife externally. How could it be otherwise?
But thoroughly loving and believing in who you are creates an inner peace and happiness that releases the fear and rage which drives us to violence and destructiveness externally. Again- how could it be otherwise?
And I believe with all my heart that the day will come when our sleeping love will arise and set us free- both as individuals and as the human family- and create a New Renaissance and a healed world.
Lastly, I write to "practice what I preach"- and love myself! When we exercise our talents, strengths and abilities it lifts our spirits and reminds us our own validity and unique beauty. Doing what brings us meaning and enjoyment is a loving gift we lavish upon ourselves. And it's fun!
So I'll keep writing- and I encourage you to keep reading!
May your faith in yourself and life be an inner light that never fails, abiding and growing stronger every day. And never ever stop loving yourself until you awaken the happiness you long for- and deserve! And YOU are shining forth with all your love, beauty and joy! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN