DEAR FRIENDS-- Deeply contemplate this message- in the manner of a Zen koan. Until you reach that "aha experience", that life-changing clarity, about it.
A person who worries (and that is most people!) will always, eventually, find something to worry about. The habit of worrying itself is the enemy.
Don't believe the false notion that worrying keeps you safe from danger, or motivates you to do better. The exact opposite is true. We see most clearly, and do our best, when we are calm and centered!
When the habit of worrying is eliminated, you live life and handle changes with a basic sense of trust. Trust in yourself. Trust in the path of your life. Trust that all will be well. And trust that all is well right now- if you just let go of fear and tune in to the sensation of peace. Learn to let it all be- like love, this basic attitude of trusting will bring only good into your life! LOTS OF LOVE- BRYAN