DEAR FRIENDS- I respect the sincere passion and beliefs from all sides that so many of us are expressing about how to regulate firearms and other weapons. But we must open our eyes to the deeper cause of these types of tragedies if we are to effectively and finally end them.
Let's not forget that history records mass murders such as this when people were using swords- or rocks, clubs and their bare hands. Regardless of how we regulate guns, events like this will inevitably occur until humanity wakes up and sees the origin of mental illness and interpersonal violence in very real childhood traumas and mistreatment.
In my opinion, the single most important thing that any of us can do is to face and release our own stored-up emotional pain. Why? Because this stops us from unconsciously and unintentionally passing that pain down to our children. You end the generational "cycle of pain" in your own life! And you actually do change the vibration of the world by setting yourself free.
When you have done this work for yourself, you see first-hand the true nature of the suffering people carry, and where it comes from. You develop a depth of compassion and insight which in and of itself is a major agent of change. And the world needs this awareness of childrens' plight, and the compassion born from it, to permanently heal the root causes of violence and war, and set our inborn predisposition to love and peacefulness free. WITH LOVE AND HOPE- BRYAN.