Changing Behavior

In order to help others we must first become comfortable with ourselves. We believe we find the comfort in ourselves from helping others, but sometimes life gets more complicated than that. Blog posts in this section are all about how we can adjust our lives, our  mental attitudes, our routines, on a personal level, so that we can achieve greater levels of personal satisfaction and thus increase our ability to spread positivity.
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Porn is a click away on your computer. But are you aware from current research that some chemical changes take place when adults or children watch porn. Porn is said to alter the brains pathways. And those who watch porn can become dependent on it. How can we help those individuals?


As we move through life, the years passing by - we need to take inventory of our good side and our bad side. And yes, we all have two sides, and we all have the power to change....

Changing back The Clock

*Their Work was never Finished*
Do you have a relative that doesn't claim you... or anyone in the family? I've got one and it's ridiculous.

Dinosaur Summer School

Summer college classes are a unique challenge for your schedule and your brain.

Tell A Different Story

If you want things to change, you have to tell a different story. I’ve heard this before… What story? I’m not telling any stories, what does this even mean?I think of this advice while I drive along an old road of my past...


More information for those who suffer from this disease....


I just received more information from the Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation and would like to share this information with you....

Human Nature

They say *Some people are like the weather*
I like consistency and order in my life, so naturally I had a bit of an issue one day when I felt one of my colleagues was handling himself in a terribly inconsistent way.

Just Let It Flow.

It feels good. It is good, and it is right for it to be yours. Let go of worry, fear and anxiety. They are the roadblocks and barriers. It really is ok… just let it flow.

~What posseses people to Riot?

Someone has to win and someone has to lose~

Is it ok to become *Mellow* ?

we just seem to take one day at a time

Dinosaur Debts

Well financial aid is a mystery I've yet to unravel and the rules seem to change every semester; this semester being no exception.
Millions of people in this world suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. We need to learn all we can and share this information. I highly recommend that you join The Restless Leg Foundation. There is no charge. And its very very worthwhile.


Why didnt you get it done when you first thought about it ?


i have been hearing a few stories about a few supposedly respected and fine restaurants and the fact that a few folks may have gotten sick after a meal? Are the inspectors able to cover all the bases or are we leaving our trust and faith to those who prepare and serve our food?

We Don't Need A Man!

I don’t need to be in a relationship and neither do you. If you’re in one and you like it, stay and enjoy it! If it feels like it’s time to let go, let go. But don’t feel you have to go rushing into someone else’s arms to feel safe and whole again… There are no wild animals threatening the sanctity of your cave anymore.
It's been a nasty couple of semesters, both in and out of school.

The Wrath of Nature

I overheard a comment from a lady..."is it posssible for fire to destroy an entire village..."
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