Are you someone who is not getting enough sleep? Are you someone who has a problem with legs that want to dance when
you try to sleep at night? Do you know everything there is to know about problems with restless legs?

Did you know that the Restless Leg Foundation has some of
the best and latest information and research? Not only that, but
the Restless Leg Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives
of men, women and children who live with this devastating disease.  We are told there is no cure. But there is hope. And
information. Since knowledge is power, we need to know everything there is to know about Restless Legs.

Do check out the website at
and I wish you the very best of health possible. By sharing
this information hopefully you (like myself) will discover
that you can live with RLS but its helpful to know about
the various triggers, medications and research.

And if you, dear reader, want to share any experience you may
have had  or are having with RLS feel free to write comments
to this blog. Thankyou. And just remember, you are not alone
as someone who suffers from this disease that many people have
never heard of.